about us

Hi, my name is Spencer. I speak human.

I am here to help home users and small businesses keep your computers running smoothly and happily. You know who you are: you typically need assistance and guidance with setting up a new PC, protecting it from intruders, installing a new operating system or hooking up wireless networks so you can free yourself from the tangle of cords. You also don't know how to do this, aren't inclined to learn about yet another piece of technology, or you simply don't have the time.

If you're like most computer owners, you're facing difficulties with keeping your PC secure and running at optimal performance. Time wasted equals money wasted.

I am here to help speed up your PC, remove viruses and spyware, install protection software, and set up your wireless networking.

Why me? I have 15 years experience in building, up-grading, repairing and maintaining computers. Prior to starting eSystems Support, I spent six years in a professional setting selling computer systems, repairing and upgrading them. For the last three of those years, I spent a great deal of time training and evaluating technicians for a Fortune 500 computer service company.

So why did I come to Salt Lake? After helping my wife run a sucessful business in Lansing, MI for a few years, we decided we needed a change. Our children are young enough to move easily, and the lure of extended family drew us here to the Salt Lake Valley.

We are eager to continue to bring peace in the land of PCs, and would love to get to know you!